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star105STAR Class Telescopes

The STAR Class Telescope series is a standardized design available in sizes ranging from 0.5 meters to 2.0 meters aperture. The STAR Class Telescope was conceived from the base up with uncompromising attention to precision pointing, tracking and stability requirements of a fully automatic telescope as the driving design paradigm. The resulting solid, compact mounting not only succeeds in meeting these demanding requirements, but does so in a compact cost-effective telescope package that even allows smaller and therefore less costly housing than more traditional designs of similar aperture.
Features of the STAR Class Telescope

Advanced Design

  • Equatorial Yoke type Mounting of EXOSHELL Design Paradigm
  • Exceptional Stiffness and Vibration Resistance
  • Compact and Stable
  • Zero Backlash Computer Compensating Roller Drive System

Superior Components & Construction

  • All Steel Construction
  • All Welded Construction
  • Stainless Steel Drive Components
  • Direct Reading Encoders by Renishaw delivering 12.7 million counts per revolution
  • Cold Running Advanced Technology Drive Servo Motors by Parker Compumotor

Industry Standard Digital Motion Control Electronics by Parker Compumotor

  • Superior Electronics Sub-Systems Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Long-Term Support for Replacement-Critical Components

Exceptional Performance

  • Closed Loop Tracking on Dynamic Refraction Corrected Coordinates
  • Fuzzy Logic Virtual Star Tracking Autoguider (ViSTA) Tracking Mode.

Optimized Optical Systems

  • Standardized optical designs
  • Specialized optical systems designed to User Requirements with ZEMAX-EE
  • Optical Suppliers


SOlar Flare Telescope (SOFT)

The SOlar Flare Telescope (SOFT) was designed and built at the SciTech Astronomical Research Throne Farms Facility in West Sacramento, CA. It is installed at the Bohyunsan Optical Astronomical Observatory (BOAO) of the Korea Astronomy Observatory (KAO). Photo courtesy of Bohyunsan Optical Astronomical Observatory.

Features of the SOlar Flare Telescope

The SOFT Consists of Four Separate Telescopes on One Mount

  • 20cm Three Axis Vector Magnetograph
  • 20cm Longitudinal Magnetograph – DopplerGraph
  • 15cm H-alpha Imager
  • 15cm White-Light (CaII) Imager

Unique Advanced Design

  • Symmetric Polar Spar type Mounting.
  • Low Drag Coefficient Minimizes Wind Effects.

Optimized Optical System

  • Complete Imaging Optical Design by SciTech Astronomical Research.
  • Imaging Optical Elements Manufactured by Coastal Optics.
  • Birefringent Filters Designed and Manufactured by Nanjing Astronomical Instrument Factory.
  • KDP Controllers Designed and Manufactured by Sound Research.

Exceptional Performance

  • Fuzzy Logic Full Solar Image AutoGuiderTM (VSA)TM Tracking Mode.

MS Windows GUI Operating System

  • Manual or Automatic Telescope Operation.

Industry Standard Digital Control Electronics

  • Superior Electronics Sub-Systems Engineering and Manufacturing.
  • Long-Term Support for Replacement-Critical Components.